Brian Stack the King of Patronage

downloaddownload (1)On November 29, 2018 ECPINJ received a phone call from a Union City Board of Education employee who wished to remain anonymous. This party informed us that the Union City Board of Education at their November 29, 2018 board meeting went on a hiring/promotion/job creation spree using state of New Jersey taxpayers’ Dollars. Due to the fact that Union City is fiscally broke and distressed,95% of the Union City BOE is funded with state tax dollars. The caller further stated that many of these people who were hired/promoted lack the job qualifications and many do not speak English.  ECPINJ contacted a source inside the BOE who was able to provide us with a copy of the board’s minutes. The minutes are a road map and model of what political patronage looks like.  The hiring of multiple security guards at $45,000 per year. The promotions of teachers’ aides and custodians to security guards with a pay range of $45,000 to $47,000. How does one go from a janitor to a security guard? Brian finds a way. There were new hires and the creation of new jobs such as safety coordinators. Extended Day for instructional personnel; is extended day just another word for extra pay? The hiring of Ralph Passante as Coordinator of Data and Community Engagement at $72, 400 per year.  First, what does that title actually mean? Second, is this Passante any relation to the Passantes who own Royal Printing, who Brian Stack has been in debt to for as much as $300,000 at various times? Brain Stack would like every one to believe that the UCBOE is independent of City Hall. However, the facts are the facts, and 4 of the 7 UCBOE members work directly for Mayor Brian Stack. Alejandro Velazquez, Kennedy Ng, and Carlos Vallejo all work under Brian Stack at City Hall. Ydalia Genoa works in Brian Stack’s Senate Office. A 5th trustee Joe Isloa works for North Hudson Regional and is often seen driving Brian Stack around.  All mentioned are beholden to Brian Stack. Therefore, how can they be trusted to act in the best interest of the taxpayers and students? Their loyalty and livelihood is 100% connected to Stack. Click on the link below to read the entire board’s minutes.