The Truth Behind New Jersey Pension Woes

New Jersey’s Pension Woes Caused by Incompetent and Corrupt Politicians, Not Public Workers   While elected officials continue to blame public employees for the current pension crisis– they label us as greedy, the truth of the matter is that elected officials from both parties have caused this crisis. The only way to deny culpability is… Read more »

Time to Address the Real Issues behind Gun Violence in America

Time to Address the Real Issues behind Gun Violence in America   Recently, East Coast Private Investigations of New Jersey posted an article on our website addressing pending New Jersey legislation limiting handguns to 10 round magazines. We believe that the legislation is nothing more than a feel-good measure to make politicians look good… Read more »

GPS Tracking

  As a private investigator, I am often asked if I can place a GPS tracking device on a person’s vehicle during the course of an investigation.  My answer depends on whether or not the requesting party has an ownership interest in the vehicle. Private investigators conduct business in different ways- while some investigators might… Read more »

State of Corruption

State of Corruption   As a private investigator who has investigated a substantial amount of government corruption, I believe it would be a fair statement that when it comes to our local, state, and nationally elected leaders our country is in a state of corruption. Sadly, this corruption is allowed to grow and destroy the… Read more »

Political Corruption: Abuse of Power is Alive and Well in New Jersey

Last week Tony Mack, the Mayor of Trenton, New Jersey, was convicted in federal court on 6 counts of criminal acts related to his office. Since his conviction, Mack has refused to resign his office and vows that he will remain the Mayor of Trenton until he is sentenced. Hence, the citizens of Trenton N.J…. Read more »

Use of Heroin on the Rise in America

Use of Heroin on the Rise in America The recent death of Philip Seymour Hoffman of a heroin overdose has placed a light on the growing epidemic of heroin use in America. Recent studies and research have shown that the increase in heroin use is a direct result of addiction which begins with prescription drugs…. Read more »

Stop Violence against Women

Stop Violence against Women The issue of sexual assaults on college campuses has been rising at alarming rates. It is estimated that 1 in 4 college women will be the victim of a sexual assault during their academic career. Statistics show that most victims knew their attackers. In over 50% of the incidents, alcohol was… Read more »

Interview v. Interrogation

Interview v. Interrogation People often ask what the difference is between an interview and an interrogation. Many people believe they are the same; the fact is they are completely different and require different techniques and approaches. An interview is simply a conversation between parties in order to ascertain the facts. During any investigation, the investigator… Read more »

Safety Tips for the Sochi Olympics

Safety Tips for the Sochi Olympics With the Sochi Olympics only weeks away, recent reports have placed the shadow of terrorism over this exciting world event. With recent terror attacks in Dagestan and Volgograd and a newly released video by Islamic extremists threatening to attack the Olympic Games, security experts have hit the pause button… Read more »