Driver Beware

Driver Beware The recent carjacking and murder at the Short Hills Mall in New Jersey brought a vast amount of media attention to this particularly heinous crime. However, a short time later, the media coverage of the issue of carjacking faded away. In New Jersey, the media coverage may have disappeared, but the issue remains… Read more »

Is it Legal to Ask an Employee to Submit to a Lie Detector Test?

As a private investigator, I often hear the question: can I give my employee a lie detector test? This question comes up during the course of employee related investigations. Generally, the answer is no, and we advise our clients that regardless of the evidence the employer may possess, the employer should never ask an employee… Read more »

Do Not Become a Victim of the Holiday Season

Do not become a victim of the Holiday Season With the holiday season in full swing, we must all be mindful in keeping our guard up against those who are looking to take advantage of the season. A few simple tips to make sure you have a safe and happy holiday season: When shopping, do… Read more »

Criminals Using Social Media to Prey on the Innocent

Criminals Using Social Media to Prey on the Innocent Recently, a Pennsylvania man was arrested for committing a string of burglaries in the tri-state area. During the course of the investigation it was determined that the suspect used Facebook to identify potential victims. This particular criminal would search Facebook looking for people posting about their… Read more »

Is it Legal to Record Another Person?

As a private investigation firm we often receive inquiries from clients regarding the legality of audio- recording a conversation between two parties. Audio recordings are a powerful tool which can be used during investigations. The answer to the question lies in the state you live in. All states have what they call either ‘one party’… Read more »

Anonymous Postings: Free Speech or Harassment

Anonymous Postings: Free Speech or Harassment Since the inception of the internet and social media, many within our society use these platforms to anonymously voice their opinions on various topics. Most do so in a respectful manner. However, some among us use these platforms to personally attack others or dispense hate and rage. As a… Read more »

Do not allow yourself to become a victim

Do not allow yourself to become a victim Violent video images of young thugs punching unsuspecting pedestrians have become part of the nightly news. Many of these videos have gone viral on the Internet. In one case a Jersey City man was killed when he fell victim to a game called ‘knockout’. Knockout is a… Read more »

Private Investigators taking on the Criminal Justice System

Private Investigators taking on the Criminal Justice System Private investigators are often hired to seek justice in a criminal justice system (CJS) which is not always just. The average American citizen relies on the CJS to protect the rights of our citizens. Unfortunately, due to corruption, incompetence, and politics, the system cannot always be counted… Read more »

Is Chris Christie a Bully?

Confronting Aggressive Behavior The human mind has two responses when confronted with an aggression; fight or flight. As private investigators we often have to deal with aggressive parties who are hostile to our intention. We at East Coast Private Investigations of NJ maintain a non-confrontational approach and avoid confrontations at all cost. What about the… Read more »