Safety Tips For Women

Working in the security and investigations field I am often asked by women: what is the best way to fight back if physically attacked? My advice is to do everything possible not to allow yourself to be placed in a situation where you are under attack. The key is situational awareness. Know your surroundings and… Read more »

New Jersey a Culture of Corruption

During the course of the last three years East Coast Private Investigations of New Jersey has been involved in numerous investigations regarding public corruption and abuse of power by public officials. Many of these cases have been undertaken at the request of clients who have civil litigation pending against elected officials or government agencies or… Read more »

Reducing and Controlling Sick Time In These Tough Economic Times Is A Must

Reducing and Controlling Sick Time In These Tough Economic Times Is A Must     Increase manpower and morale without increasing budgets         While attending the 216th session of the FBINationalAcademy I had the opportunity to participate in a labor management course. On the first day of class the instructor asked the… Read more »

Preparing for Retirement

Recently enacted legislation relating to police and fire pensions and benefits has caused many retirement eligible New Jersey law enforcement officers to ask themselves if it is time to go.  The decision to retire is one of the most difficult personal decisions a police officer will ever make. They must ask themselves questions such as,… Read more »

Safety Tips for Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad for business or pleasure has become second nature for many U.S. travelers. Living and working in a global economy has made travel from the United States to a foreign county a common occurrence.  Other than airport security which we all must contend with, many travelers have little to no awareness of security, safety,… Read more »

Protecting Yourself in the World of Social Networking

Social networking has given us the ability to reconnect with old friends, make new friends, and keep in touch on a daily basis with our friends and family. It provides us the opportunity to share our daily lives with those we feel most comfortable with. However, there are some out there who use social networking… Read more »