Private Detectives Helping to Free the Innocent

Recently, East Coast Private Investigations of New Jersey received a phone call from a client wishing to retain our services. The client was a family member of a person being incarcerated for murder who was awaiting trial. After a careful analysis of the case we felt there were numerous leads that had not been followed up on and decided to take on the investigation.

For example, there was video feed which the police never viewed to determine if any evidence could be located. There were witnesses who had not been interviewed.  The area the crime took place in was never properly canvassed.  It seemed the police had based their case on one eye witness identification. After conducting our own investigation and presenting our findings to the client’s attorney, the man who had been falsely accused was released from jail. In this instance, the police’s refusal to conduct a full and proper investigation that took into account all the facts of the crime almost led to an individual serving a lengthy sentence in prison. There are few injustices that are more tragic than an innocent individual being imprisoned for a crime they did not commit due to a police department’s inability to properly conduct an investigation.

It is an unfortunate reality that at times those prosecuted for crimes by the criminal justice system are innocent, and an even sadder reality that at times the justice system gets it wrong and incarcerates innocent individuals. There are a variety of reasons for the incarceration of the innocent, from pressures to close cases to poorly conducted investigations. Even in the most high profile of cases, sometimes the system gets it wrong and sends an innocent man or woman to prison. Since 1973, 156 prisoners on death row throughout the United States have been exonerated and set free. It was only with the hard work of well trained professionals that these injustices were recognized, investigated, and overturned.

If you or a family member has been falsely accused of a crime, do not rely on the criminal justice system to help exonerate you. You need to call an experienced NJ private detective or private investigator to help gather the facts and to conduct a complete and thorough investigation of your case. When facing the possibility of wrongful incarceration it is important that you are being served by a dedicated team of professionals with the requisite experience to handle a case that can be the difference between freedom or incarceration for your loved ones. The professionals at East Coast Private Investigations New Jersey has decades of experience working within the criminal justice system and an intricate knowledge of police procedures and investigations. If you or a loved one is falsely accused of a crime our team is able to look at the facts of your case and identify the mistakes and errors that took place in an investigation that led to the police’s false accusations. Our team at ECPINJ is here to help you get justice. Contact our office for a free consultation with one of our experienced private detectives.