Register For Free Women’s Self Defense Seminar

To register for the class please email Joe Blaettler at  Include your name, how you learned about the class and your email address. Click on link for full details renzo-denville-womens-self-defense-seminar-2017-1 renzo-denville-womens-self-defense-seminar-2017-1

Use of Heroin on the Rise in America

Use of Heroin on the Rise in America The recent death of Philip Seymour Hoffman of a heroin overdose has placed a light on the growing epidemic of heroin use in America. Recent studies and research have shown that the increase in heroin use is a direct result of addiction which begins with prescription drugs…. Read more »

Interview v. Interrogation

Interview v. Interrogation People often ask what the difference is between an interview and an interrogation. Many people believe they are the same; the fact is they are completely different and require different techniques and approaches. An interview is simply a conversation between parties in order to ascertain the facts. During any investigation, the investigator… Read more »

Is it Legal to Record Another Person?

As a private investigation firm we often receive inquiries from clients regarding the legality of audio- recording a conversation between two parties. Audio recordings are a powerful tool which can be used during investigations. The answer to the question lies in the state you live in. All states have what they call either ‘one party’… Read more »

One Private Investigator vs. Two Private Investigators

One Private Investigator vs. Two Private Investigators Many private investigation firms will tell you that the only way to conduct a proper investigation is by using two or more private investigators. At East Coast Private Investigations of New Jersey we do not believe that should always be the case. Eighty percent of our investigations have… Read more »

The Benefits of Hiring ECPINJ as your Private Investigators

The Benefits of Hiring ECPINJ as your Private Investigators When looking to hire a private investigator or a private investigation firm, do not hire the first private detective you come across. Like everything else in life you need to do your homework and find the best detective agency you can find. We at ECPINJ offer… Read more »

Safety Tips for Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad for business or pleasure has become second nature for many U.S. travelers. Living and working in a global economy has made travel from the United States to a foreign county a common occurrence.  Other than airport security which we all must contend with, many travelers have little to no awareness of security, safety,… Read more »