Private Investigators Filling the Void

As a private investigations firm operating out of Morristown, New Jersey, we have seen an increase in calls from clients who are seeking our services to conduct investigations which were once commonly undertaken by local police. Due to local police departments being stretched to their limits in terms of resources and manpower, many Morristown, Morris County, and New Jersey residents have turned to local private detectives and investigators to handle investigations local police do not have the time or resources to properly investigate. Recently, the Los Angeles Times wrote a story regarding this very issue and East Coast Private Investigations of New Jersey was featured in the article. Click to read the story.

Private detectives filling gaps left by police budget cuts

Residents across cash-strapped states are increasingly turning to private detectives as cities and towns cut police forces to contend with deep budget cuts…Private detectives are just one piece of the private sector security and policing services that people are increasingly turning to as they worry about crime. The U.S. private security industry is expected to grow 6.3% a year to $19.9 billion by 2016, according to a study by security research group Freedonia Group Inc. Even some in the public sector are trying to tap into the industry to save money; one Tennessee power department laid off security officers last year and replaced them with security technology and private contractors.

Feb 20, 2013 | By Alana Semuels, Los Angeles Times

Some of the investigations we have been asked to undertake include recovering stolen property, locating missing persons, investigations in cases of harassment and stalking, car theft, and home burglaries. In many instances the victims were openly advised by the police that they do not have the manpower to properly investigate and should consider hiring local private detectives or investigators in NJ. While all reported crimes are important to local police departments, it is a reality that they must prioritize their cases due to the resource restrictions that departments across the country are facing. Individuals who are frustrated with what they see as the lack of attention given to their personal cases are now increasingly turning to private investigation firms in order to ensure that their cases can be resolved in a more expeditious manner.  Here are just two examplse from the aforementioned L.A. Times article of individuals who, unsatisfied with their local police department’s response, turned to a private investigation firm:

Latch Raghu, for instance, hired a private eye after his 1986 Buick Grand Regal National, worth $100,000, was stolen in Belleville, N.J. Though police had access to street cameras and Raghu had some ideas as to who might have stolen it, he couldn’t get the case moving. Raghu hired Joseph Blaettler, an ex-cop who runs East Coast Private Investigations of New Jersey.

Recently, a mother called Blaettler, begging him to get her son out of jail, where she said he was being held for a murder he didn’t commit. Blaettler found evidence about the man’s alibi that the police hadn’t followed up on, and helped the man get out of jail, leaving police without a suspect.

Many private investigation firms, like East Coast Private Investigations, are staffed with investigators who have decades of policing experience and often have more experience than officers in local police departments. Individuals who turn to East Coast Private Investigations to investigate their case can count on the wealth of experiences that our investigators bring to every case and our guarantee that your case is a top priority for us.

By hiring a reputable private investigator or detective you have no guarantee that your case will be solved but you can be assured that every stone will be unturned in an attempt to solve the case. What NJ private investigators and detectives give you that the local police cannot is personal attention, time, and immediate access. If you have been a victim of a crime and feel the police cannot or will not provide the required services call the East Coast Private Investigators for a free consultation.